Monday, June 28, 2010

Bridgeport Stumptown Tart

Bridgeport Brewing Co
Stumptown Tart
Raspberry Framboise
Purchased at Safeway

Aroma: Rich, bright, and slightly sour character of raspberries as well as a nearly equal blend of dark cherry pushing through the nose. While I’ve never smelled an actual “horse blanket”, this beer exhibits the sour aroma often found in beers spiked with Brettanomyces, and often described as horse blanket. No hop aroma. Little if any malt character here other than a hint of light biscuit.

Appearance: Golden amber with a translucent, unfiltered haze throughout. Moderate carbonation bubbles are seen rising to the top which form a low creamy-white head. Shortly after pouring the head fades to a light ring along the edge of the glass only. No lacing.

Flavor: Surprisingly “malty” upfront with quite a focus on wheat bread, or maybe even white bread. Not biscuity, but the malt dominates the palate. Sour character only slightly transcends the aroma into the flavor adding only a faint sour twang at the back of the throat. Very light raspberry with some lemon actually playing in. Finish is sweet white bread.

Mouthfeel: Medium body with medium carbonation. Bread character of the malt fills the mouth nicely and the sweetness holds the palate with a near chewy texture into the finish. Just enough sourness to bite the back of the throat and jaw muscles at first sip, but the palate quickly adapts. In the finish you’ll find the remnants of raspberries.

Overall: I loved the aroma of this beer. Sour, raspberries, and some cherry all present themselves very clearly in the nose. There is certainly a nice touch of a spontaneously fermented ale here, but there is little follow through into the flavor. Raspberries are hardly noticeable in the flavor, and the sourness is muted. The bread-like qualities of this beer are not off-putting by any means, it’s a nice drinking beer. With a Framboise I hope for a little more fruit sparkle and stinging sourness.

I rated this beer a “B” on Beer Advocate.

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