Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Basin Stone Mother Märzen

Stone Mother Märzen
Style: Märzen/Oktoberfest
Serving type: On Tap
At the brewery. Sparks, NV

Aroma: Very light biscuit malt with subtle clean lager undertones. Perhaps a hint of light caramel or bread crust, though it's very subtle. No hop aroma.

Appearance: Deep gold with a rich white head that fades quickly to lacing. Head holds a thin film at the top of the beer. Brilliant clarity.

Flavor: Light bread crust and noble hop flavor are most prominent, though neither are rich or over-powering. Hop bitterness rides in at the middle and hold through the finish with some lingering bitterness and malt sweetness.

Mouthfeel: Medium body with light carbonation. Hop bitterness comes off as a drying bite at the roof of the mouth and hits the back of the throat in the finish. Nearly sticky malt sweetness combines with the hop crispness in the finish. Dries the mouth somewhat, but not astringent.

Overall: While the beer is somewhat lacking in aroma there is a pleasant tie-in between the malt sweetness and noble hop flavor and bitterness. This beer is a bit on the high side for the style, which is why I would expect more from the aroma. Though it makes for an easily quaffable cool summer evening beer that won't disappoint.

I rated this beer a “B+” on BeerAdvocate.

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