Sunday, March 21, 2010

Puget Sound Porter

Harmon Brewing Co Puget Sound Porter
Style: Brown Porter
Purchased at the brewery

Aroma: Fairly rich and smooth aroma of sweet chocolate up front with a yeast phenolic hint in the background. Not strong phenolic, but just enough to notice. Low to no hop aroma and thankfully no vegital smell either, which I seem to pick up from a lot of commercially brewed porters. This beer focuses in on the chocolate no doubt.

Appearance: Pours an ink black with maybe just a hint of ruby highlights along the side of the glass. With a moderately aggressive pour there is an off-white to light nut brown head that forms. The head fades fairly quickly however to but a ring at the outside of the glass. Some light lacing.

Flavor: First to hit the tongue is a quick touch of sweet chocolate, this holds for a moment before giving way to roasted malt and light hop bitterness. The roasted bitterness holds through the middle, but the beer finishes clean with a hint of bitterness to the end. There is a lingering hop presence after the mouth clears.

Mouthfeel: Medium to light body with light carbonation. The roasted presence gives somewhat of a grainy texture to the overall beer, but there is still a bit of wateriness on the tongue. Finish is drying with an earthy hop bitterness on the tongue and back of the throat.

Overall: Despite my descriptors of chocolate and roast, don’t feel that this is a huge porter. It’s a very nice example of a Brown Porter with excellent chocolate aroma and a clean roast flavor. This is a nicely drinking Porter that would pair well with a Halibut fillet dinner. The yeast phenolic, while lightly present in the nose, does not transfer to the flavor. I wouldn’t mind seeing a touch more body, but just a bit too much would throw this beer off balance.

I rated this beer a “B+” on Beer Advocate.

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